Saturday, 3 December 2011

What Set Apart These Luxury Boutique Hotels in London?

Spend your holidays in style in Luxury Boutique Hotels in London. These hotels are not withstanding less than any other hotel as they are standing right to give you all the facilities at much more grandeur scale.  Along with the luxurious faculties each room in London provides different themes that set them apart from the rest. In many of these hotels, rooms get their own name denoting to the theme and the way it is decorated.
These luxurious hotels are the best example of the creativity and style of British hotel owners. They have proved themselves as an example to show how your imagination can take you towards the best creativity. The articulate combination of tradition and modernity in their power and to present something new to the tourists at the same time make them feel comfortable is what that sets them apart.
Millions of these hotels are blooming now in the cities of London, yet each of them is endowed with their own style and services. In many of these hotels you will be so lured by the interesting things and artifacts that you are sure to get lured easily into their vicinity.
With such an exemplary taste and beauteous look if you think all these boutique hotels are out of your budget then it is truly wrong. Many luxurious hotels are no doubt to the status of five star hotels but many of them do meet the budget of average people. Though these hotels will not be having five star facilities but they sure will be having amenities of par excellence and service worth praising.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My Experience with Luxury Boutique Hotels in London-Sumner

London with its hips and happenings has to the tourists’ attraction many Boutique hotels meeting tourists of all budgetary needs. They range from as low as the normal hotel to the rates of the five  start luxury hotels. I also happen to spend five days in Sumner during my business trip to London. And what to say, this stay for me became a most memorable moment of my life. What ever I heard about Sumner, proved to be all correct.  As soon as I entered the hotel, manager himself welcomed me and made me comfortable. He also offered me water and naturally so soft drink.
  I was greatly pleased with the kind of treatment I got. After fulfilling all formalities, I was led to my room. I was surprised to see how beautiful the rooms were.  After two days journey naturally I was totally fatigued, so I just jumped over the bed and went so fast asleep that I wake up only in the next morning when the door bell rang for the room service for hot tea. The breakfast I was served was also warm and fresh. After that only I noticed what is so special about this hotel that could make it a one of the best luxurious boutique hotels in London.
With rustic color scheme, beautiful inner d├ęcor with designer furniture, yet simple looks elegant l elegant in its own right All the rooms are taken care of properly, well furnished with all modern facilities including free broad band internet, with complementary refrigerator. Beds were appearing as if they are meant for dignitaries and royal personalities.
When my time for check out arrived, I was not willing to go, but cannot help it and had to move out. Though now I am in my home but my heart is still with Sumner.